Setting Expectations

We stay engaged with our clients throughout the year and believe that it is important to have a formal planning meeting to kick off the engagement cycle.  Bringing together all of the stakeholders offers an opportunity to:

  • Confirm our understanding of your business operations
  • Identify accounting issues that may have arisen based on those operations
  • Establish time lines
  • Agree on responsibilities and expectations

Risk Based Approach for Attest Services

Our attest procedures are directed toward those areas of the financial statements that may contain material misstatements.  This “top-down” approach identifies the day-to-day risks faced by your business and considers the impact these risks could have on your financial statements.

With a thorough understanding of your control environment, sources of revenue, expenditures, competition, and other business risks we can design and perform an effective and efficient engagement.  Understanding how you manage your business and assess results also allows us to make the best use of reports and analyses that you routinely prepare.

The use of fair value accounting has become more and more prevalent in the preparation of financial statements.  Whether our clients prepare a valuation or engage an independent valuation specialist, we have the resources to efficiently audit the significant estimates and assumptions that are inherent in valuation techniques used in purchase price allocations, valuing alternative investments, or enterprise valuations.

Tax Services

What distinguishes HPG is that the filing of returns is the final step of our tax services, not the beginning.  We provide tax advice before a transaction is completed, rather than try to “make something fit” once the dust settles.  This proactive approach is especially important when dealing with multistate and international transactions.  We also recognize that individual stakeholders may have diverse needs and customize our approach to each.

Use of Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our engagements, including being paperless.  In addition, we make use of sophisticated data mining and analysis tools, our research and knowledge sharing tools are web based, and we leverage the latest technology to facilitate communication and sharing of data.