Hughes, Pittman & Gupton, LLP is a unique CPA firm that brings national firm resources while being locally owned and operated. We bring “Wall Street to Main Street.” We have reciprocal relationships with the Big 4 and significant national firms who respect our practice. HPG offers tax compliance, consulting and provision services that match our clients needs. We work with clients to address tax issues that accompany growth, including those related to multi-state and international expansion. Affiliations with CPAmerica, The International Accounting Group (TIAG) and TAGLaw provide additional resources that allow us to serve our clients both nationally and globally, while maintaining the personal attention and service on which we build our client relationships.

Traditional and Outsourced Full Service Tax Services

  • Traditional Full Service Tax Services: HPG provides comprehensive tax services as well as practical business advice with a focus on building long-term relationships to help our clients achieve financial success.
  • Outsourced Corporate Tax Services: HPG provides an outsourced corporate tax department solution for public and larger private companies in need of external compliance and tax provision services. HPG offers a cost effective alternative to investing in an internal tax department.

Corporate Tax Services

  • Team Approach: HPG believes in a team approach to service delivery. Each client and project is assigned a team to assure access to our firm is simple and response time is short. HPG feels the key to retaining highly qualified professionals is our commitment to our core values expressed in REACH. We emphasize an appealing work environment in which members of the firm are motivated to achieve maximum potential for the firms clients and themselves. Retention leads to continuity of our client service teams and continuity leads to efficiency. We pride ourselves in forming relationships with our clients tax departments, however large or small, to facilitate working together to reach mutually agreed-upon objectives. In addition, our corporate tax team works with our audit team, and audit teams from the Big 4 and other major firms, to simplify tax provision and compliance process. Our team approach allows us to be more efficient in coordinating services and meeting client expectations.
  • Affiliations: HPG recognizes the need to grow with our clients as they grow nationally and internationally. Our affiliations add the additional resources necessary for us to do so. CPAmerica allows us a geographic reach equal to that of the a member of TIAG, a fast-growing domestic and international accounting network, providing us access to affiliated offices in 29 countries, and growing. TIAGs sister organization, TAGLaw, is a worldwide network of prominent, high-quality law firms located in over 70 countries. These resources, coupled with our own experienced team of local and national firm backgrounds, allow us to continue to serve our clients as they grow.
  • Outsourced Compliance, Consulting and Tax Provision Services: HPG provides an outsourced corporate tax alternative for public and larger private companies. As a result of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), external auditors have to go to greater lengths to maintain their independence; because of this, services such as tax compliance and provision preparation are being performed by alternate firms rather than the external audit firms. HPG has partnered with many Big 4 and national firms to undertake these services and also to act as an outsourced tax department to aid in compliance with SOX and in achieving more cost effective resources. Also, in conjunction with our affiliate firms, we offer cost-effective tax consulting services as a first line of resource leverage and partner with the tax services provided by a Big 4 or national firm.

Select Client References

Petra Weishaupt-Smith
A4 Health Systems, Inc.

“Hughes Pittman & Gupton corporate tax service offers superior service at a reasonable price. A4 is assured immediate access to a tax partner if the need arises and questions posed by A4 Health Systems to any of the staff is answered within hours. We couldn’t ask for any better service. HPG’s service and price should make more local companies consider HPG as a tax alternative to Big 4 firms.”