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Our clients have clearly communicated to us that trust is their reason for seeking our guidance for building, preserving and ultimately transferring wealth. Our business model is focused on the person, not just the Company. Our goal is to assist the owners/executives, their families, and their business interests achieve financial success.

Our key to success is the trust that emerges in our roles as tax and financial advisors. Our goal is to develop a lifetime relationship based on trust. Building on our traditional tax oriented services, we combine our knowledge about the family with a menu of other services to deliver a comprehensive financial roadmap and tailored support services. The expertise of our three-person team you, your CPA and your financial planner can drive the team to a financial solution for the family.

Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP (HPGCPA) is the core platform for our service offerings. Our affiliated entities provide complementary services.

Family Wealthcare Services

The road to financial success often involves a process. Initially, the familys needs are identified both through our ongoing relationships and through in depth discussions. Once these needs are determined, goals are established based on your priorities and the familys current financial position. Solutions are then developed to achieve these goals. Members of the team and the family can often implement these solutions. At other times, the team identifies outside resources that will complement the process of building the financial roadmap.

We also offer family office services through HPGCPA, additional fiduciary services through HPGFO.

You select from a menu of services to build your financial roadmap and execute the plan. Service offerings include:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Creating, funding, growing and managing family businesses
  • Exit planning to achieve liquidity and diversification
  • Executive compensation strategies
  • Estate planning

Because each family has different needs and goals, our team concept leverages our collective skills to help you achieve your goals.