Peer Review

Participation in the AICPA Peer Review Program is an important step in demonstrating your firm's commitment to quality.  Many firms benefit by collaborating with the peer reviewer on best practices and determining how their firm measures up to other firms.  Positive peer review results are also a great marketing tool that can be used to underscore your firm's commitment to quality.            
At Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP ("HPG"), our goal is to provide our peer review clients with an efficient and cost-effective peer review that enhances your firm's quality control and overall audit practice success.       
The selection of your peer reviewer is critical to receiving the full benefit of your peer review.  Ideally, you want to match your peer reviewer’s experience to your firm’s experience for maximum efficiency and insight.  The industries that HPG specializes in are listed below.  In addition, HPG specializes in employee benefit plan audits (defined contribution, defined benefit, health and welfare, 403(b), and employee stock ownership plans) and governmental audits (single audits, program specific audits under uniform guidance, and agency specific audits).      

At HPG, we understand and appreciate the level of quality, expertise, and attention to detail that it takes to perform peer review engagements. With the increased regulations and standards around firm quality, these engagements have become more important than ever!  Since HPG’s inception in 1983, the firm has been subject to peer review, and the firm has received unmodified opinions with no letters of comment throughout our history.

Industries and Specialty Areas

  • Technology
  • Clean Tech
  • Governmental Audits
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Professional Services

Peer Review Support Services      
If your firm performs peer review services, and you need to add a skilled team member to your client’s peer review engagement team to assist with specialized areas, HPG can provide the support services that you need.  HPG has the expertise to review both types of must-select engagements.  Our firm is a member of both the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and the Governmental Audit Quality Center.  Both of these areas are a focus for our firm, and we have in-house expertise to assist with engagement reviews in these areas. As the co-leader of HPG’s employee benefit plan practice, I attend the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Conference annually, and have earned AICPA Advanced Certification badges for Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Plan Audits.  In addition, I perform quality control reviews for our governmental practice.