Attest Services


HPG provides audit  services ranging from venture-backed and owner-managed businesses to multinational corporations.  Our goal is to provide quality audits, which we believe to be rooted in the technical excellence of our team, innovative tools and audit approach, and gaining an in-depth knowledge of our clients business and future goals.   Our team has extensive knowledge in a wide range of industries and draws upon this knowledge to deliver proactive business advice that goes beyond the financial audit.  We use a risk-based audit approach which includes attaining a thorough understanding of your operations and internal controls to develop an effect audit approach.  We understand the complexities of your company and believe the audit process should provide more than financial statements, but a road-map for sustainable financial practices and long-term business strategies.

Reviews and Compilations

We understand there are many ways companies can report their financial performance, and different stakeholders do not always require a complete financial statement audit.  Companies should consider if a financial review or compilation meets the current needs of the organization and the stakeholders.  During a review, our team conducts inquiries and performs analytical procedures to support a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them to conform with generally accepted accounting principles.  

A compilation involves taking the client’s existing financial information and compiling it into financial statement formats. No opinion is expressed about the quality or validity of the financial information.

Agreed Upon Procedures

HPG is often engaged to perform specific procedures and report findings. A detailed report that gives the results of the performed procedures will be issued, but will not include a financial statement.

Attached is our most recent Peer Review report.